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Affordable WordPress Web Design for Perth Businesses

Welcome to Unic Lkay

WordPress is a free and versatile open-source content management system (CMS). Over 43% of all websites use WordPress, making it a popular choice for web design. It’s easy to download, use, and can be scaled to your needs.

At Concise Digital, we’ve been creating WordPress websites for 7 years. From basic websites to complex online stores, our designs are trusted by businesses across Sri Lankan.

WordPress is ‘Open Source’, meaning anyone can access and modify its code. This makes it more flexible than ‘Closed Source’ software. If your website is built with WordPress, you’re not tied to the company that built it. Any WordPress expert can manage your site.

Why Choose Concise for Your WordPress Website Creation?

Our Tried & Tested Process for Building Your New Website

Free Comprehensive Consultation

Initially, we invest time to grasp your business, audience, competitors, and business goals. Expect plenty of questions as we dig deep into your present and future needs. This helps us determine if WordPress is the best fit for you.

We’ll also provide a rough cost estimate to help you decide if you want to continue discussions with us. As seasoned WordPress designers, we align our approach to meet your business goals and build websites that deliver.

Project Brief with Estimates

After defining the project scope, we’ll provide a detailed brief. It will outline your requirements, including a landing page, colours, photos, and features, along with time estimates for each part.

We’ll give you cost estimates upfront, so you know the expected budget for your web design with no later surprises. We can revise the website requirements, tasks, and time estimates to fit your budget.

We advise incorporating strong SEO fundamentals from the start. If you opt for SEO work later, having these basics in place can save you money. However, please note that our specialists’ work on these foundations will add to your new site’s cost.

You Engage Concise Digital

After our initial discussions, you’ll need to formally hire us via our online Client Engagement form. Naturally, you’ll only do this if you’re confident we can deliver your quality website on time, within budget.

It all comes down to trust. We need to trust each other. Like in a dance, ‘it takes two to tango’. We’re selective about our clients, looking for those who share our values, have good Perth businesses, realistic expectations, and the potential to become happy, long-term clients. As Gareth Lane says, it’s about passing the ‘beer test’.

SEO-Friendly Sitemap Planning (Optional)

Most businesses can benefit from search engine optimisation (SEO). This is an important area where WordPress really shines. It supports extensive metadata, flexible URL structures, and clever categorisation of pages and posts, making it SEO-friendly.

If you want your website design to follow SEO best practices, we begin with keyword research. This informs the URLs, sitemap, navigation, and on-page SEO.

Transitioning from an old website? We’ll create necessary redirects to ensure backlinks and bookmarks still function, directing visitors to the correct page on your new site.

Preserving high Google search engine rankings for key terms, earned over years, requires careful planning of URL structure, navigation, content, and metadata changes. We use expert techniques to maintain your Google ranking during the transition.

Design Mock-ups

Before we start creating designs for your website, we’ll need your branding guidelines and all vital design assets, such as logos, photos, and videos you want to be included. We then create mock-ups of the mobile and desktop home page of your site.

Review these designs, share your feedback, and let us know of any changes. Once the home page designs are approved, our web designers will create designs for standard internal pages and any pages requiring specific designs for unique functionality or user interaction.

Development & Walkthrough

Post design approval, we proceed to the development stage. Our web developers ensure that all code is streamlined and focused on optimal user experience.

Your WordPress site is developed in a staging environment that you can access anytime during the project. After finalising all elements, we provide a walkthrough on how to utilise its features via your WordPress content management system (CMS).

Content Addition

The following step involves adding your content.

If you’re producing the site’s content, it needs to be given to us prior to the website launch. Or, our SEO and content team can create content for your pages, collaborating closely with you.

With your web content professionally written and optimised using top on-page SEO techniques, you’ll achieve better search engine rankings for important keywords, and convert more visitors into customers.

Website Launch & Testing

We launch your new website, making it visible to everyone. We promptly conduct tests to ensure everything works seamlessly on all devices. We also provide in-depth training so you have complete control and understanding of your own website’s backend. Our support team is on standby 24/7 for any issues you may encounter with your site.

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